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Assistpads Blended Learning Environment is the ONLY Online Learning system which is able to deliver and assess Regulated Qualifications, 100% Online, without the need for the learner to attend a Classroom Based Invigilated Assessment. This means that Regulated Qualifications can now be completed anywhere, anytime in anyplace.

Assistpad offer comprehensive sector specific education programmes, delivered by highly experienced professionals from the field of Health and Social Care.

Our health and social care training courses can be delivered in a way that suits your needs and your budget whether it be online, practical or a combination of methods. Our Phlebotomy Masterclass session is delivered at our NHS certified training suite in West London.

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Complete Revalidation Solutions

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We’re committed to providing healthcare professionals with solutions that will help them complete their obligations more efficiently. For most healthcare professionals, tracking CPD, keeping up with reflective discussions and appraisals, searching for indemnity insurers and Confirmers is no small task. So, we want make it as easy and convenient as possible by having it all under one roof.

Revalidation Solutions


  • Assistpad have changed the way I run my time. Now, instead of spending hours at my desk sifting paperwork, I can access all my records from my mobile phone!
    Dave Thomas RGN
  • The team at Assistpad are definitely focused on my needs as a agency nurse. Quick access to record my data in my portfolio is crucial and the service is amazing.
    Samantha Regan RGN
  • This is an absolute must have for any Nurse!
    Cheryl Thomas RGN
  • I had the best service from you. It has been in my mind to upgrade my knowledge in my profession as a nurse, but time is never my friend. With your training package, I can be online since it’s compatible with my smartphone and tablet. Fantastic job you are doing!
    Mary S
  • Wow! Your healthcare package is the bomb coupled with your customer service which is still thrilling me and my husband. Responses were given professionally and accurately. I have referred you to my friends in the same field too. Keep the work going!
    Sarah G
  • I have never seen any affordable training for professionals before in that price range, but yours is an exception. All prices compared to a related training makes yours outweighs others with better benefits. Well done!
    Angelina E
  • Your training quality is more than its price. I thought it to be one of those scam around until I tried and confirmed your claims when I called to make enquiries. Good job you are doing. You wow me with your service!
    Katrina B
  • I find it hard to undergo any training online in my profession as health worker, because I have busy schedules. Your training package is a welcome one and timely. I can easily switch between my smartphone and tablet to go through the trainings online.
    Sandra O
  • Thanks for this good training package. The price is affordable and the quality is superb. I will buy more packages in future.
    Paul M
  • Excellent service! Your training really shows how expertise you are in this professional field. Your training package touched all what I have concerns about and how to go around them? Thanks for putting this training online for easy access.
    Maggie J

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